About Glaze


We are a strategic business development and IoT-solution firm that specialises in helping companies create new business values by leveraging the potential of IoT. We help you create business cases, integrate an IoT-cloud to your products, connect your factory and develop connected sensor solutions. We have an agile process and we help you set up pilots, scale-up and implement future-proof IoT solutions.
We are technology experts and have a collective experience of the five layers of the IoT technology stack (hardware, software, communications, cloud platforms and cloud applications) and we have launched several IoT solutions on the market.


4 facts about Glaze

  • 1. Long track record

    Since the year 2000 the team behind Glaze has developed intelligent products.

  • 2. Øresund region

    We are an organisation that utilises the strengths of the Swedish and Danish product development expertise. And as such we have strong medico, audio and telecom competencies.

  • 3. Strong experience

    Our senior advisors have many years of experience within management and handling the development of intelligent products.

  • 4. We embrace IoT from idea to product

    Embedded software, electronics, IoT-cloud and business system integration are components in most intelligent products. Our DNA is to think and breath the whole system as coherent.

Glaze United

We are a team of experienced advisors with a strong track-record of managing development of intelligent products.

Wrapped in a business oriented culture and infused with experience from managing the development of world leading products, we work with navigating product development - always with persistent focus on viability and client profitability. Our goal is to deliver real-world products within the agreed time-to-market, quality and cost.
We call our culture Glaze United because of our unified knowledge, and we leverage our deliveries by thinking and acting as one team.
Our core is a collaborative, positive work environment. Glaze United builds on strong interpersonal communication, and strengthens the business because everyone works towards a common goal and feels a strong sense of belonging. A work environment that welcomes creative, diverse opinions and fosters growth, and in turn, makes the workplace a fun place to be.


Passion, inspiration and work

We are constantly working to create an environment that creates passion, energy and inspiration.

Therefore, you will experience an amazing unique decor and vibe. Work should be fun and we believe that the perfect environment makes a great difference for us, and in the end for our clients.


IoT-system experience

Our experience with vendors, device producers, protocols, cloud and analytics platforms mean we help you find the right partners and technologies.

Specialist IoT-advisory

We are specialised in IoT and we have experience from global device projects and Scandinavia’s leading IoT projects: from business case to market.

Technology independent

We base our advisory on an objective and impartial foundation and we have no bias in which technologies your solutions should be based on.

We are currently offering the following positions in our Scandinavian offices